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HearHawk Rechargeable
Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Need to Avoid the Hearing Aid Look?
Experience cutting-edge tech molded inside a sleek stylish form. HearHawk's comfortable lightweight design looks nothing like old-school hearing aids.

Want to Hear the World & Play Music?
Easily switch back-and-forth between your favorite tunes and the latest hearing aid technology. Automatically connect to Bluetooth, so you can hear both.

Wish to Support a “Made in USA” Team?
We designed the optimal hearing device while building high-tech jobs stateside. With optical in-ear detection, the latest DSP chip, and three mics, HearHawk delivers the latest hearing aid tech straight from Ann Arbor, MI.
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NOW ONLY $149.99 Normally $200

Life is Too Short
Not To Hear What Matters

Hearing is such a natural way of interacting with the world. So if your hearing isn't what it used to be, or you've had lifelong auditory challenges, then the cost of missing life's little moments may be higher than you’d like. We designed HearHawk to empower your hearing. And look great doing it.
The Modern Wireless Look 
The only "invisible" hearing aid doesn't look like a hearing aid at all.

Match the style of today's most popular wireless earbuds with HearHawk's clean modern design. No one will know about the secret hearing superpower.
Rechargeable Battery

Never change a battery again. 

You heard me right. Instead, you’ll charge the HearHawk hearing aids from their pocket-sized charging case. This magnetic charger packs a punch and can recharge both earbuds more than six times each.
50 Hours = All-Week Power
Fully charged, each HearHawk earbud lasts for over 8 hours. Plus the case holds enough juice to recharge them every day for the next week. Without ever having to plug into the wall.

If you need a quick boost,  "Quick Charging" is supported. A short 15-min charge provides 2 hours of hearing time.

"Hear It"
From Our Customers
< Probably the best on the market I ordered 3 brands of hearing aids. I kept the Hear hawks and sent the other two back. Impressive amplification and ease of use. Music sound quality is almost as good as my Sennheiser Momentum earbuds which cost 5X more and don't even have the hearing aid function.  ★★★★★ Carl Acosta
Seattle, WA

Easy to use with arthritis We tried other mini hearing aids with my 82-year old mother, but she could never fit them comfortably without jamming or twisting too hard. The hear hawk buds sit mostly outside of her ear, so they are much easier for her to handle. ★★★★★ Terri Shelton
Chicago, IL

Other aids fall out. These don't. My ears are small so I've always struggled with music buds falling out. Now I need help hearing so I've been having the same problem with hearing aids. All the in-ear aides are too large. I shake my head and they go flying out! Other super tiny devices cost $2,000+ and I'm not going that route. So I was happy to find hearhawk. The smallest ear tip size worked really well. Look out for the spare tips. They are kind of hidden deep inside the package.  ★★★★★ Sarah Copenhaver
Newark, NJ

Finally something comfortable I've tried the inside ear kinds that I can never fish back out. I've tried behind the ear aids that rub the side my head all day long. I've never found ones I like as much as these. They give you three ear tips and once I found the right size it was like a match made in heaven. ★★★★★ George Stanhope
Augusta, GA

These looks and feel like my AirPods! Much more comfortable than traditional hearing aids. Plus I can hear my wife way better in these than my $8,000 Beltone hearing aids. She likes that... I wish I had found these sooner! ★★★★★ Peter Allen
Boulder, CO
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Frequently Asked Questions How do I claim my 25% OFF coupon code? When you click on any of the "Buy Now" buttons on this page the 25% off coupon code should automatically apply. The coupon code is " hearhawk25 " though in case you need it.

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If you have any issues, you can also always email us at and we'll be happy to help.
How do I switch from amplifying sound to playing music? Simply tap either earbud twice (2x) to switch between "Hearing" and "Music" modes.

Each HearHawk earbud features a touch sensitive button on its outer surface. Tapping twice (2x) switches modes. Tapping once (1x) increases/decreases the volume (tap right to increase, left to decrease).

If you have any issues, you can also always email us at and we'll be happy to help!
Is it complicated to set up? No, you simply open the case, insert the HearHawk hearing aids in your ears, and listen to the world.

Unlike other options, there is no need for you or your loved-one to program a complicated app. We've streamlined everything so you'll be up and running in minutes.

To connect to music, tap "T13" in your phone's Bluetooth settings. It's that simple.

If you have any issues, you can also always email us at and we'll be happy to help!
How do I cancel or return my order? How do I contact you? It is best to contact us by email at . We always answer within 24 hours. Always.

We have a 1-year limited warranty and return window . So if for whatever reason your HearHawk hearing aids are not working out, then we can return or replace them within a year, no questions asked.

If it has been over a year since you ordered, then we'd like to hear about your experience, and we'll work something out. Please email us.

If you order has not shipped yet, and you would like to cancel it, please email us ASAP at We will be sad, but we'll quickly cancel the order and make sure you are fully refunded.
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Hear Better, Faster 
All orders ship today!

Enjoy the quality of American-made hearing aids and savor all the sounds of spring by improving your hearing today. 

We hope you enjoy HearHawk as much as we loved bringing it to you.

- The HearHawk Team

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NOW $149.99  Normally $200

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